Reaching the New World

Developing and communicating your value proposition

Will your product messaging resonate in the American market? With its award-winning US-market-focused brand development, promotion and communication services, StartUSA can execute on all your critical localized requirements, and ensure your story is effective and compelling.

Customizing your Story

  • Audience identification, including demographic analysis and key-target interviews
  • Brand development and product messaging in the context of entry to the US marketplace, including vocabulary and “look and feel”
  • Analysis, review and adaption of your existing digital marketing and SEO strategy, including web and social media channels
  • Website Work Plan and MVP implementation for American articulation, including adaption of content, structure, design and technology
  • Social Media Work Plan and MVP implementation, including channel identification and set-up, development of original and curated content, and execution of promotional opportunities
  • Networking and partnership development, including potential alliances with complementary organizations