Coming to America

Make sure your business is USA ready

Ready to make your move into the US market?
StartUSA provides your company with all the process basics required to develop and execute a robust and successful market entry. Our team of seasoned experts will help you set up shop, analyze the market, validate hypotheses, develop business plans, build a roadmap for expansion, and even find partners and raise funds.

Getting you Market Ready

StartUSA makes sure you’re set up to succeed in your new marketplace.

  • Market analysis/validation, including territories, target accounts, required resources and specific budgeting variables
  • Business modeling for fit and pricing, identification of key P&L variables
  • Direct prospecting and networking to identify early adopters and “referenceable” customers that can validate product fit, sales model and pricing
  • Developing initial sales approaches to gain feedback and determine true potential
  • Sales cycle validation and revenue forecast models
  • Sales and Marketing structure and costing required to launch and scale

Handling the Basics

StartUSA handles all the must-do elements essential to new market entry.

  • Registration and corporate structuring for US operations
  • Legal Services, including intellectual property registration and protection
  • Financial infrastructure development and support, including CPA resources and tax advice
  • IT infrastructure and workspace planning and implementation
  • Management planning, including support and communications for top-level account management
  • Identifying strategic partnership options, including execution of discussions and contract negotiations
  • Fundraising, M&A and exit planning, including exploratory sessions, structuring and negotiations with target VCs, CVs, PEs and strategic consultants
  • Public funding identification, advice and access to funds available to Spanish startups expanding into the US market